A Processing Data Quickly (PDQ) device is a machine used by merchants to accept non-cash payments from customers. These devices are also referred to as Chip & Pin machines, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, and credit card payment terminals.

There are a several different types of card machine devices that we supply: 

Desktop/ Countertop PDQ Machines

These machines provide secure chip and pin transactions at a fixed location. They are normally used in face to face environments at the retail point of sale.

Countertop PDQ machines are physically attached to the POS system and require either a phone line or internet connection.

Portable PDQ Machines

Portable or moveable PDQ machines connect to a base station via Bluetooth or WiFi and are powered by a battery. This allows you to take payments away from the base station.

Portable machines are most often used by bars and restaurants so staff can take payment from a customer at their table.

Mobile PDQ Machines

A mobile PDQ machine uses the mobile telephone network (GPRS or GSM) to stay connected with a fixed business location. In theory, this means you can use a mobile PDQ machine to take payment anywhere. However, you are reliant on a mobile phone signal.

Mobile PDQ machines are most commonly used by businesses where payment is taken off premises, for example, the pool area of a hotel or sole tradesmen.

Types of PDQ machine we supply;

We work with various associates including Verifone, Take Payments, Payment Sense, Anderson Zaks as well as some other merchant and credit card company providers.