Time and attendance systems (TNA) are used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work.

A time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. It also helps to control labour costs by reducing over-payments, which are often caused by paying employees for time that they are not working, and eliminates transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error. 

Our system is fully adaptable to your specific business needs. Used on a Microsoft Windows device, the application allows staff to book on and off even when there isn’t a connection – the information gets saved until connection is restored ensuring a real time record of attendance.


Terminal Registration – Multiple terminals can be registered to a single database and each configured to receive full or subset information, depending on your individual branch or location requirements.

Booking On & Off – Staff can book on and off either manually with a PIN number or with a card or fob.

Shift Selection – Once the staff member is identified, the terminal will display a selection of shifts or automatically select a single shift for a particular period allowing them to book on or off. The information is then sent to the core application and updated in real time.

Exception Management – Staff can also choose from a list reasons as to why they are arriving/leaving late/early which will then be sent for approval.

Seamless Integration – Seamless integration with Access Time & Attendance improves essential business processes including real-time monitoring, reconciliation, HR, rostering and gross payroll generation.

Improved Business Processes – The intuitive terminal application and staff portal technology ensures data is only entered once, removing administration and improving communication across the business.

Additional Features

  • Create ad hoc shifts on the terminal
  • Stealth camera while clocking on and off
  • “Who is on” and “Who is off” functionality
  • Log a break during the shift


Benefits For staff

  • A single location to clock on and off
  • Simple and easy to use – no need for in-depth training
  • Staff empowered to self-serve and manage

Owners & managers

  • Record and monitor holiday, absence and service delivery
  • Automated processes and reduced administration
  • Improved communication across the business

Finance & operations

  • All data integrated and updated automatically in payroll and invoicing
  • Real-time reports and analysis
  • Accurate and valuable data to ensure quality and compliance