Your point of sale system serves as a central point of your business. Very often it is the hub where everything— sales, inventory management, payment processing, and customer management — merges.

As a result CheckOut keeps abreast of the latest industry knowledge to ensure we partner with the top brands. This means that your hardware will have a long life expectancy, we can readily provide support and parts and it will be compatible with our systems. We also believe they offer the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY in the long term.


The workstations that we supply include various options such as:

  • Customer display
  • Back screen advertising
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Biometric reader
  • Contactless reader (RFID)

We have a long history with cash registers – Indeed we used to concentrate entirely on manual registers prior to POS systems becoming electronic – and we still supply several options for businesses who don’t need such sophisticated options. 

Some examples of the workstations we supply include;


The majority of businesses will need at least one kind of printer.

Retailers may only need a receipt printer, whereas a restaurant would usually need at least one printer for customer receipts and an impact printer for kitchen orders – it really depends on your type of business and the requirements you have.

There are a number of printers available, and they vary from medium to heavy duty;

Thermal Receipt Printers (for Customer Receipts) – Thermal receipt printers do not require ink. Instead they use a special paper that blackens when the thermal print-head applies heat to its surface.

The majority of customer receipt printers are thermal, however they are not suitable for high-heat environments (e.g. Kitchens).

Impact Printers (for Kitchen Environments) – Impact printers use ink to print receipts and typically print in both black and red.

These printers are commonly used in kitchen environments to print food orders due to their resilience to high-heat, unlike thermal printers, and – to ensure the kitchen staff are aware of new orders – the loud noise that is  produced when they print.

Printer Connection Methods

There are a number of ways printers can connect to your point of sale system such as USB Printers, LAN printers, WIFI printers, Bluetooth printers and so on.

Some examples of the printers we supply include;


Cash drawers are vital to any POS system, they hold your takings after all! We are pleased to provide a variety of cash drawers in several sizes to fit most point of sale needs: Standard, large and shortie.