We are pleased to provide a takeaway solution via PreoDay, a subsidiary of Qikserve. 

PreoDay – which was purchased by Qikserve in 2020 – is a platform that provides businesses with online and mobile Order Ahead technology so they can sell more and connect with guests.

QikServe currently provides operators with an enterprise content management and third-party integration platform for in-store digital order and payment solutions, customisable for use with kiosks, tablets, web and mobile apps. 

Ways in which PreoDay can work for you

Order Ahead for takeaways and cafes – Offer guests the option of booking a timed collection slot for collection.

Order to Seat for theatres and stadiums – Give guests the option to have their refreshments delivered to their seats within the venue.

Order to Table for pubs and restaurants – Let guests order, pay for and receive their food, all without leaving their tables or contacting a server.

Curbside Collection for takeaways, retail and cafes – Offer guests the option of booking a timed collection slot for collection, social distancing, health and safety standards.

Delivery for food operators whose guests want meals delivered to their door

Research by PreoDay shows that

  • 80% see online orders as increasingly important to their business
  • 73% say they would like to have their own mobile ordering app
  • 52% say they’ve lost significant income because regular customers default to takeaway portals
  • 49% say takeaway portals make it harder to build direct customer relationships
  • Takeaway portals tend to charge a minimum 10% transaction fee which costs costing restaurateurs an average of £725 per month

The Preoday product offers businesses a wide range of options, meaning brands can build a service suited to their business and own customer needs.

Bring your customers back into the fold and increase your revenue with our takeaway solution, today