Did you know that research shows that 64% of mobile searches for restaurant bookings result in an immediate reservation or one within an hour? 

In the years before the internet, customers had to call in to check table availability. However, since everything has gone online reservation software has made this process much easier for both the customer and  restaurant.

Reservation software provides 2 major advantages 1) They help you control the flow of patrons in and out of your hotel  and 2) They allow you monitor the capacity of your restaurant per time.

CheckOut works with several of the leading Table Reservation companies.  We are agents for ResDiary, the leading table reservation system in Guernsey,  and Collins DesignMyNight


Resdiary has a number of unique features including;

Table management – ResDiary’s simple grid and table plan views let you easily see all your bookings in one place.  You can add rules to avoid tables and services being sold incorrectly online, while table rankings ensure that all your tables are automatically sold in their correct order. Want to track the performance of your servers? With ResDiary you can allocate sections to staff members.

W8List™ – Never turn customers away with ResDiary’s waitlist app.  Customers are added to W8List™ and the opportunity to seat a walk-in table isn’t lost. The waitlist app ensures your tables are never double booked. Improve your customer service by seating guests efficiently or prioritising VIPS. You can even store customer preferences and add the details to your database to encourage future bookings.

Yield Management – ResDiary’s restaurant Yield Management feature lets you set the cover amount your venue should take at certain times. Stopping the classic, mid-evening bottle-neck and letting you turn tables by encouraging earlier and later reservations, it drastically helps with restaurant revenue management.

When a certain slot is full, potential diners are offered nearby times, subtly encouraging them to book outwith their desired period meaning you don’t lose their business. Simple to use and effective.

Pre-Order by ResDiary – ResDiary’s Pre-Order app is designed to take the stress out of large party bookings. Give you and your guests a smooth journey throughout every visit by sending automatic, personalised emails with links to group menus. You can easily track and compile guests’ orders in advance, print placecards with their details, and even add deposits and pre-payments.

Group Central Reservations –Imagine a world where you didn’t need to check multiple books or log in and out of different systems to see all your restaurant’s bookings and online reservations. That’s what Group Central Reservations does: table management software that controls your whole group from one login.  Cross sell over multiple venues with real-time availability, gain in depth group wide reporting, and combine or segment databases across venues for in depth email marketing campaigns.


Collins has a number of unique features including;

Smart Table Reservations (Optimise your space, increase efficiency and book in more covers) – Collins comes with fully automated bookings, joining tables in real-time, floorplan management, check-in capabilities as well as three different digitised views for service . Manage your venue in a way that works for you.

Enquiry management (Manage all enquiries in one central system to improve your conversion rate.) – Set your own rules to take real-time bookings and enquiries all through one reservations website widget.

Within Collins you can set yourself reminders, track the progress of enquiries, add packages, take deposits and pre-orders, print function sheets, do invoices and VAT receipts, and more. One system to help you convert all your groups, parties, private diners and Christmas enquiries.

If you work across multiple venues you can use Collins’ smart space finder tools to see which of your venues have space on certain date ranges, times and even areas. EG. “Collins – Where can I seat 20 people, outside on any Thursday in June after 5pm?”

Reporting (Detailed but clear suite of reports.) – Detailed as well as easily accessible reporting and data tools from a venue group level, down to individual venue level. Get instant access to all of your booking data, downloaded straight to your computer. Get to know your customers with tagging, birthdays, booking history and more. Also access all your data via our API to extract it into your own back of house reporting tools.

Whether a Finance Director, Operations Manager or General Manager, you can get instant access to the data you need. We firmly believe the data collected is yours so we do not use or share your it. What’s yours, is yours.

Customer Communication (Clear, branded customer communication.) – ​​Tailor the look and feel of all email communication to your customers to suit your brand. Set up email templates, upload menus and venue photos to a central cloud for quick easy access within Collins. Let Collins send out automated booking reminders and follow-ups and even manage all inbound reservation emails in Collins with your own internal reservations mailbox.